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Veştile bune circulă pe Facebook mai nou, iar asta m-a făcut să ţopăi de bucurie, să mă agit ca un Pepsi şi, simultan, să mă oftic de nerăbdare:)) Brandon Sanderson a anunţat, acum 20 de ore, că a terminat în sfârşit „A Memory of Light”, al 14-lea şi ultimul volum din seria „Roata timpului”. Asta e partea „YAAAAAAAAAIIII!”. Partea non-yaaaaaaay este că anticipează vreo 6 luni de verificări şi para-verificări ale cărţii, aşa că este posibil ca romanul să fie publicat (de abia) la toamnă. Şi citez de pe Facebook:

Ladies and gentlemen, A Memory of Light—the final book in The Wheel of Time—has been finished.
Now I’ll open a metric gigaton of Magic cards that have been sent to me by fans, sleep for a day, and rest until next week.Then: revisions!

As for when the book will come out, Tor should do an announcement soon. Revisions will take a good six months. So fall, I expect.

Another common question: How many revisions will I do? The last two took about a dozen. (On no-wot books, I do about seven or eight.)

Also, it’s going to be tough to give direct replies to questions right now, what with like 1000 people tweeting/facebooking at me. 🙂

But lots of people are asking about outriggers/prequels. The answer is still the same. We’d rather not risk exploiting RJ’s legacy. It is a step I don’t think we want to take. Better to stop while we’re ahead. I’m sorry, but they probably won’t ever happen.

And now, yes, I will go to sleep. 7am here. That’s 10 hours of solid writing after a full day of solid writing, so I’m beat.

Thank you all for the good wishes. May you find water and shade.

Me is happy. Abia aştept 🙂

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